What is iPod To Computer Transfer?

Did you know:

  • You cannot move your music from your iPod back to your PC.
  • You cannot stop iTunes from deleting your valuable music collection.
  • You cannot sync one iPod between two computers.
  • You cannot copy anyone's iPod.
  • ......

iPod to Computer Transfer Safe is the leading iPod file transfer application. The iPod to Computer Transfer(TM) allows you easy and safe copy music, playlists, from your iPod to any computer, filling in a missing feature of iTunes.

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Why you need iPod to Computer Transfer?

Every iPod owner sooner or later meets the need of getting the contents of their iPod back to PC. Unfortunately, iTunes only allows for a one-way transfer of music from your computer to your iPod. But in many cases you will need it, for example:

  • You want to move music from iPod to another computer.
  • You use one iPod with Two or More computer.
  • You want to make a backup of your music.
  • Your computer crashes and you lose all of the music on your computer.
  • You buy a new computer and need to move your music from iPod ...

Now, with iPod to Computer Transfer, you can transfer files from iPod to your computer, and sync iPod playlists back to your iTunes at the same time. All what you need is just download it and have a try.

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How to upgrade to Pro?

If you don't have a license key, the program works as standard version. Standard version can only export files one by one and you will be asked to Upgrade to Pro each time, Standard version can't sync playlists back to iTunes either.
You will receive your license key soon after you place an order. The whole purchase process is Secure and Safe .

Key Features

  • Smart, Transfer iPod Playlists back to iTunes
  • Easy, Copy Music from iPod Back To Computer
  • Faster, More Reliable Transfer
  • Support All model of iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • Support All iOS
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • Totally clean, no Adware/Spyware/Virus guarantee

How to use iPod to computer transfer?

iPod to Computer Transfer is simple to use. The UI is kinda alike iTunes, it only takes you few steps to export your music. Connect your iPod device to your computer Run iPod to Computer Transfer Standard or Pro version Select music via playlist or search Click on the export button, select a output path to transfer. Don't know how to enable disk use of your iPod? Click here and here. Online help is also availabe here.

Get iPod To Computer Transfer Safe Standard Totally Free!

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Release Date: Fri Sep 12 17:20:07 2014
Size: 3.52MB
New Version: 7.7.6
Platform: Windows

download iPod to Computer Transfer

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